Our Quality and Food Safety Policy:

  • Acting with the aim of excellence in product and service, with a focus on “People” and “Society”
  • Aiming to be the best among the leading companies with product quality in all the services we provide in the fields of meat and meat products manufacturing and sales
  • Continuously improving our existing Quality and Food Safety Management System and ensuring the continuity of standard requirements
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by prioritizing quality, trying to offer better even if the customer is satisfied
  • Establishing and maintaining a working environment in accordance with health, hygiene-sanitation, and cold chain rules during the production and sale of meat and meat products.
  • Taking food safety as the basis of production and service understanding, ensuring control with the review of the top management and food safety team with regards to food safety
  • Adopting the innovations and changes in science and technology as a principle and applying them to our system in order to continuously improve all our activities
  • Taking food safety as the basis of production and service understanding
  • Adopting innovation and change as a principle in order to continuously improve all our activities
  • Acting in accordance with legal regulations, business and social ethics under all circumstances
  • Respecting the right to healthy food and human health
  • Believing that investing in people is an investment in the future of our company and our country
  • Becoming an asset to the world as a pioneering and sharing organization that creates added value for society and that supports the country's economy


Social Responsibility Policy

  • Complying with ethical principles
  • Not committing human rights violations
  • Being against all kinds of child abuse, not employing child and young workers
  • Seeing privacy as a human right
  • Preventing discrimination in employment
  • Complying with legal regulations and social responsibility standards demanded by our customers
  • Respecting the freedom of association and the Right to Collective Bargaining
  • Regulating wages to offer the required legal and living conditions
  • Implementing humane working hours
  • Making risk assessments for all our activities, keeping them up to date, and taking measures for ensuring workplace health and safety in order to prevent accidents and occupational diseases before they occur.
  • Avoiding forced labor practices
  • Preventing waste at its source and minimizing our impact on the environment, acting in accordance with the Environmental Legislation
  • Minimizing the risks that may arise as a result of our activities, ensuring efficient use of natural resources, and continuous improvement of Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Systems
  • By reviewing all relevant Turkish legal requirements and İkbal Group Companies’ requirements, complying unconditionally with whichever one is more disciplined
  • Informing all our employees, visitors, and suppliers about our Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment rules
  • Ensuring that everyone understands and fulfills their responsibilities