Based on the question what kind of a future we desire, we try to be in activities and investments where we can show sustainable development and that can guaranty the wellbeing of today and future generations. In this regard, we know that the nature is the irreplaceable part of life in the  environmental applications and for this goal we plant 1000 trees annually.

Salim Pancar Primary School 1974

Salim Pancar Primary School 1984 additional classrooms

Salim Pancar Primary and Secondary Education 1998

İbrahim Evren Vocational School for Girls 2014

İkbal Mosque 1998

Afium Mosque 2010

We are here for sustainability! Sustainability and innovations go in hand in hand. In the İkbal Group, our devotion to the environment is integrated into everything we do. Within the organization of the İkbal Group, under the social responsibilities and environmental responsibility scope Orange Flag, Green Star, Zero Waste Project, recycling of waste batteries, sending the leftovers to the Municipality shelter, sending waste oils to the recycling firm, services provided for the physically handicapped, Plastic Cap Project are prominent ones.