Our Policies

We announce to the public opinion that

  • We shall produce with quality and healthy inputs, in healthy and safe conditions for the employees, respecting the employee rights, in environmental friendly and hygienic conditions, meeting the customer and legal legislations requirements, without giving opportunity for any imitation and adulteration, protecting the genuineness, with efficient use of resources and deliver on time, create a quality management system aiming continuous improvement,
  • Provide customer satisfaction with our products conforming to the quality and food safety and reliable services and protect the customer-employee health and the environment,
  • We shall check the impacts of our activities on the occupational health-safety, environment, food safety and quality,
  • We shall meet the needs and expectations of our customers, employees, society and shareholders, see this policy as an inseparable part of the business strategy, working and production methods and work for sustainable development and a livable world with this policy,
  • We shall fulfill the Islamic conditions in full at every stage from raw material selection to the last product delivery and provide our customers Halal

Our Goals


We continuously improve our products, processes, transactions, infrastructure, employees and work environment to ensure the prevention of environmental pollution, the provision of working environment conforming to the occupational health and safety terms, and the Quality and Food Safety. In this regard we aim and commit to:

  • Increase the work satisfaction and life quality of the employees and improve the working conditions
  • Meet all the related legal regulations, when applicable, instill these to our related units for the benefit of the environment – employees- customers
  • Use the best technology in line with our opportunities
  • Keep our equipment and facilities at the efficient operation levels in line with the maintenance principles
  • Give effort for the awareness of Quality, Food Safety culture,Environment, Occupational Health-Safety, Halal Food and employee rights to be established in our employees, suppliers, contractors and society via education and promotion activities
  • Provide that our suppliers, contractors and customers to follow the rules of Quality, Food Safety culture, Environment, Occupational Health-Safety, and employee rights related to our business
  • Along the supply, production and consumption chain, follow the information related to the Quality, Food Safety culture, Environment, Occupational Health-Safety, Halal Food and employee rights
  • When taking investment decisions, assess the issues related to and effects of the Quality, Food Safety culture, Environment, Occupational Health-Safety, Halal Food and employee rights
  • For preventing earth, air, water and noise pollution, minimize the wastes at every possible condition and every possible location of the business
  • For decreasing the natural resource consumption, minimize all input and energy consumptions, aim to use reusable and recyclable materials as much as possible


Our Goals


Integrated Management System:

  • To increase the customer, employee, society satisfaction
  • Using technological opportunities in the corporate communication with the suppliers, customers and within the institution, to establish a fast and efficient working system
  • For continuous development, to increase trainings, cultural and sportive activities, to create awareness at every level of the society regarding the benefits these activities provide and to make them spread to the base and thus to ensure establishment and stabilization of the corporate culture
  • Continuously monitoring the efficiency of the BRC, IFS Quality Management System and realizing the necessary improvements, to provide and conduct applicable conditions
  • To bring corporate and technological innovations
  • To ensure the establishment of the participative and pluralist management perspective and for this goal to encourage leadership and employee participation in all our processes, to unify the processes gradually




  • Developing protective measures continuously against the authenticity danger with standard quality input purchase, protecting and improving standard quality via being honest and transparent
  • To develop our goals in purchasing, to provide personnel development at the fields of entrepreneur thinking and method skills


Domestic and Abroad Sales


  • To provide products according to the requests, demands and satisfaction of our customers
  • To increase competitive power
  • For giving sustainable service at the level of international standards
  • to apply, conduct  the quality management systems in all the processes in our institution



  • To protect and conduct our standard quality via performing improvements


Food Safety


  • To reduce to zero the food safety complaints, withdrawal, event and deviations, to maintain them at that level, to establish Food Safety Culture in the employees




  • Decrease our wastes, chemical consumption and natural resource consumption


Occupational Health and Safety


  • To prevent work accidents and diseases


Halal Food


It maintains forever the Halal Food terms in all processes from  raw material purchase to last product shipment.